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Great for: Romance and beach lovers


Margaret River Region , Western Australia, Australia

First Impressions

What is it? Self-contained chalet
Will set you back: AUD $650 – $950 p/n

The remote drive to Injidup Spa Retreat appropriately prepares you for the private and secluded environment you are about to experience at this Small Luxury Hotel of the World. Perched high on the cliffs above Injidup Beach, the first thing you notice on arrival is a line of around ten chalets strategically positioned for drinking in the ocean view, which is picture-perfect and won’t disappoint. The check-in process was seamless and relaxed, and the front desk staff happily took us to our villa before giving us a rundown of the chalet and its facilities. In no time at all we were left to relax and enjoy the 180-degree water views in the privacy of our chalet.

Design & Style

The Retreat’s landscape is natural, simple and rustic, and the exterior building design features artistic laser-cut metal panels which have a nice effect in the evening, despite the rust from the salty air, when the entrances to the chalets are lit up.

The chalets are on the small side, but the layout is well thought-out, with a good use of space and a simple yet effective design that has responds to the unique natural environment. I love the way the bedroom is separated from the living space with bi-fold blinds that effortlessly open to reveal the ocean view, while in the comfort of your bed – a luxury on waking up in the morning. The interior style, courtesy of Dominique Tiller, is suitably beachy, if a little predictable for a five-star residence, with an entirely white-washed colour scheme complete with injections of turquoise and ocean-themed, natural ornaments. The chalets are decorated with artworks and furniture from local Yallingup artists and designers, which is a nice touch and gives a personal feel to each chalet.

They could have done more with the small outdoor space, however, and unfortunately the heating in the plunge pool was not working during our stay, meaning it was completely unusable. This was disappointing, given the climate in south Western Australia can be quite cool in the evening, and we would have loved to use it. The interior ethanol fireplace, on the other hand, is an ingenious idea and is easy to use and effective at warming the room.


The villas range from the standard one bedroom chalet to the two bedroom chalet and the Honeymoon Villa, which is on the larger side. We stayed in one of the two-bedroom villas, and management simply locked the second bedroom to section it off, creating a one-bedroom villa – I assume this is because they were fully booked and no one-bedroom villas were available. For two people, the two-bedroom chalet was the perfect size. For four, however, I imagine the space would be very cramped.

The bathroom is beautifully designed but surprisingly does not have a bath, which is a big oversight in my opinion. If you want a bath, you have to book the Honeymoon Villa which is $250/night dearer.

The chalets are particularly beautiful during sunset. The region is renowned for its sunsets and it is an incredibly relaxing experience staying at Injidup Spa Retreat and really stopping to take in nature’s beauty.


There is a lovely on-site spa however it is closed two days a week which isn’t ideal if you are only staying for a few nights (which is the norm given there is not a lot to do there and it is expensive). Make sure you check and book in advance to avoid disappointment.


The service is friendly (when you see the staff) but this doesn’t happen very often at the Retreat. We didn’t bump into any other guests during our stay and privacy is taken extremely seriously. Relaxation and seclusion is key and there is little or no interaction with the staff unless you need to call them for something. However, the chalets are serviced by housekeeping every day.


There is no restaurant on-site at Injidup Spa Retreat, however there is a small kitchen inside the villa so you can cook if you wish and take advantage of the amazing local produce. You also have the option of pre-ordering the Chef’s Dinner Hamper, which is from a highly regarded local restaurant, Lamont’s at nearby Smiths Beach. However, this is not delivered to your door hot and ready to eat. The meal is delivered to your villa, often before you check in and is kept in the chalet’s fridge until you are ready to heat it up in the villa microwave. Unfortunately this isn’t the best system, as you can only microwave one meal at a time and so if there are two or more of you, one meal has turned cold by the time the other is heated up meaning you can’t really eat your meals together.

The retreat does provide lovely, fresh breakfast supplies at the beginning of your stay which includes a loaf of crusty bread, muesli, yoghurt, juice, eggs, prosciutto, hollandaise sauce and poached berries. This is not topped up or replaced each morning, but they seem to provide enough for the length of your stay. There is an egg poacher in the kitchen for you to cook the eggs in the morning yourself, although we found this a little unreliable, and so the continental breakfast is the easier option.

In The Neighbourhood

Injidup refers solely to the beach, which is positioned directly in front of and below Injidup Spa Retreat. It is a simply stunning stretch of white sand that is more often than not, deserted. The closest major town is Yallingup and Margaret River is about 40 minutes away if you are keen to explore the beautiful wineries the area is famous for. South WA has some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, and to access the area you will need a car as everything is very spread out in what is essentially a country area. South Western Australia is renowned for its wines, fresh produce, local art and beaches and makes a great destination for families or couples. Simply arrive, explore, and switch off. Book your stay at Injidup Spa Retreat here

the devil is in the detail:

  • The outlook
  • The comfort of the bed and furniture

they could up the ante by:

  • Adding a bath in the bathroom
  • Making the design more original
  • Adding more, and ready-to-eat food options or a delivery service

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Isolated and secluded destination with panoramic ocean views, stunning nearby beaches and everything you need to settle into a home away from home

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