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What is it? Boutique hotel Will set you back: From 222 Euros p/n   If you arrive at the Aria Hotel Budapest by taxi, your stay at this six-month-old boutique hotel will immediately get off to a luxurious start. The hotel is located on a pedestrian heritage street in the city centre, District 5, with a … Continue reading ARIA HOTEL

What is it? Large hotel Will set you back: 175 – 1780 euros p/n As one of Starwood Hotel’s Luxury Collection group, Hotel Alfonso XIII is the jewel in the crown that is the captivating city of Seville. Originally built in 1929 to accommodate the influx of tourists entering the city for the Ibero-American Expo, the hotel … Continue reading HOTEL ALFONSO XIII

What is it? Boutique hotel Will set you back: 160 – 425 euros p/n     I’m a big fan of boutique hotels. When you travel a lot, as many business travellers will know, sometimes all you want is the comfort of home – a cozy place where you can enter rest your weary head … Continue reading HOTEL VALVERDE

What is it? Medium-sized hotel Will set you back: 330 – 1500 euros p/n The neighbourhood of Salamanca in Madrid is the playground of the stylish. It’s where the designer stores and high-end boutiques are king, and it’s where you should stay if you value sophistication and elegance over the fun and festive that Spain … Continue reading HOTEL VILLA MAGNA

What is it? Boutique hotel Will set you back: 200 – 1215 GBP p/n The first thing you notice about South Place Hotel in London’s East End, is that it is very, very cool. The lobby, intimate like a boutique hotel’s should be, is undoubtedly luxe with the highest quality materials and lush furniture grabbing your attention, … Continue reading SOUTH PLACE HOTEL